1. Introduction (11/2007)

by brettthevet


When we are involved with work we do in society it is often not very clear to ourselves and to others exactly what it is we can do for them, and similarly what they are able to do, realistically, for us. We all have different and unique skills to contribute that can enrich the people and the world we live in. So it is important to say it. Communication is vital for people to understand each other’s needs, and those of animals sharing our world. Animals instinctively know what they are able to offer humans, but in many instances the needs of animals are poorly understood or overlooked. As a vet I’m here in my capacity to serve the community by bridging the gap between humans and other animals, helping people to understand and care for our fellow creatures that depend on us to provide for their needs which are very similar to ours (we all need food, water, shelter, exercise, love, and escapism). This involves education on many levels to create awareness of animal sentience, treating sick animals, preventing disease, reducing pain and suffering.There have been so many veterinary cases in Prince Albert that have unfortunately come to my attention too late, or where animals have been misdiagnosed by laymen and treated inappropriately, or where people have been uncertain whether I could be of assistance, or of failure to recognise an animal in need. If there are any questions or subjects you would like me to address in this regular column, please ask me.

Next month – coming to grips with murder – five keys to avoid death in pet animals.